Why Nairobi Ladies are not Getting Married


It’s now obvious that more than 50% of Nairobi ladies are single and probably not getting married anytime soon. These ladies are past 30 years, desperate but not marketable. They are extremely beautiful, clean and well of in terms of finances. But despite their success, no man would dare marry them. If you are wondering why men are avoiding them, here are the reasons:

  • They are full of ego, not ready to be submissive

Since they are financially stable, they don’t want to submit to any man. But the Bible states that a woman must submit to a man, failure to which, men would get scared and avoid them as a plague.

Nairobi woman would bulldoze a man in the house like a small baby—and you know men don’t like to be bossed around.It’s hard for such a woman to get married!

  • They carry their job titles to homes

Most women are senior managers, others own serious businesses. The only mistake they make is to take their titles home. Since they are used to ordering and commanding their employees and fellow workers, they think that their husbands would abide by the behavour. A man likes to be heard and be felt,he is the leader in the house.

When a woman goes home, she should put her title aside and do what women should do to make the home hospitable.

  • They are too busy for marriages

Nairobi is one of the worst towns to live in when it comes to peace of mind. There is traffic jam, garbage everywhere, congestion of people and hurry for nothing attitude. A woman wakes up at 4 am  for work and heads back home at 8 pm. Tell me when this person will have time for a husband and children?!!

  • Current men are not husband material—they are too weak

I look at the current generation of men and wonder who on earth will accept them as husbands—they are weak, confused, lazy and ugly. These men still live with their parents, they don’t have appetite for success and are naturally weak. It’s almost impossible for a Nairobi woman to accept such a man.

  • She is over empowered

Most NGOs have been focusing more on girl child at the expense of boy child. Nairobi women are more empowered, they have more money and more influence than men. Men feel intimidated by over empowered women, which is why it has taken Nairobi women forever to get married.

  • They are focusing on their career

These women’s first priority is their career, they aren’t in a hurry to get married. Majority of them even want children only, they don’t want anything to do with marriage.

  • They don’t see the need for marriage

Since most of them can pay their own rent, school fees and do shopping, they don’t see the need for marriage. These are things men provide and if in their absence a woman can provide them, there is no need of a man in a woman’s marriage. Even security is provided by watchmen.