Is JKUAT a Good University


JKUAT is one of the best universities to study in Kenya,it’s a good one for ambitious students. Ranking of universities in Kenya places it among top 5 best universities in Kenya.

Since the ratings of JKUAT are high, courses offered here are very marketable. The university attracts students with As, A- and B+, implying that only the best are attracted to JKUAT university.It’s because of the history of producing competent graduates that JKUAT keep attracting the best students.

When students are selecting university courses, they must pick UoN, JKUAT, KU, Egerton, Maseno or Moi because they know those are the best universities in Kenya.

The most marketable courses in JKUAT are those related to IT,Computer Science,Engineering,Architecture and Medicine. In fact, more than 80% of the programs from this university are marketable.

Employers have specific universities they prefer when recruiting people, JKUAT is one of them. As a student, you are certain that after college, you won’t be discriminated against.

If you wish to study at JKUAT,here is the list of courses to choose from:

Undergraduate Courses

Degree Courses

Bachelor of Business Information Technology

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Construction Management

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Purchasing & Supplies Management

Bachelor Of Radiography

Bachelor of Science Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Biotechnology

Bachelor of Architectural Technology formerly (Bachelor of Architecture)

BSc. Agribusiness Economics and Food Industry Management

BSc. Actuarial Science

BSc. Agribusiness Management and Enterprise Development

BSc. Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

BSc. Analytical Chemistry

BSc. Animal Health, Production and Processing

BSc. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

BSc. Biomechanical and Process Engineering

BSc. Biotechnology

BSc. Botany

BSc. Chemistry

BSc. Civil Engineering

BSc. Computer Science

BSc. Computer Technology

BSc. Control and Instrumentation

BSc. Crop Protection

BSc. Electrical & Electronic Engineering

BSc. Electronic & Computer Engineering

BSc. Environmental Horticulture And Landscaping Technology

BSc. Financial Engineering

BSc. Food Science and Nutrition

BSc. Food Science and Postharvest Technology

BSc. Geomatics Engineering

BSc. Horticulture

BSc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics

BSc. Industrial Chemistry

BSc. Information Technology

BSc. Land Resource Planning and Management

BSc. Mechanical Engineering

BSc. Mechatronics Engineering

BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences

BSc. Medical Microbiology

BSc. Physics

BSc. Soil, Water & Environmental Engineering

BSc. Telecommunication & Information Engineering

Diploma courses

Diploma in Clinical Medicine

Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management

Diploma In Architecture

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Business Information Technology

Diploma in Food Technology

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies Management

Certificate courses

Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management

Certificate in Information Technology

Postgraduate Courses

Master in Business Administration

Master of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MMLS)

Master of Urban Design

MSc. Agricultural Processing Engineering

MSc. Applied Epidemiology

MSc. Applied Mathematics

MSc. Bio-systems Structural Engineering

MSc. Biochemistry

MSc. Biomechanical Engineering

MSc. Biotechnology

MSc. Clinical Tropical Medicine

MSc. Construction Engineering and Management

MSc. Energy Technology

MSc. Entrepreneurship

MSc. Environmental Engineering and Management

MSc. Environmental Management & Legislation

MSc. Epidemiology

MSc. Food Science and Nutrition

MSc. Food Science and Postharvest Technology

MSc. Horticulture

MSc. Human Resource Management

MSc. ICT Policy & Regulation

MSc. International Health

MSc. Laboratory Management & Epidemiology

MSc. Landscape Planning and Conservation

MSc. Mechanical Engineering

MSc. Medical Microbiology

MSc. Medical Mycobacteriology

MSc. Medical Mycology

MSc. Medical Virology

MSc. Medicinal Chemistry

MSc. Medicinal Phytochemistry

MSc. Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics

MSc. Molecular Medicine (Applied Immunology, Clinical Immunology, Molecular Biology)

MSc. Occupational Safety & Health

MSc. Parasitology and Entomology

MSc. Physics

MSc. Plant Breeding

MSc. Plant Health Science and Management

MSc. Procurement & Logistics

MSc. Public Health

MSc. Research Methodology

MSc. Software Engineering

MSc. Soil and Water Engineering

MSc. Statistics

Msc. Telecommunication Engineering

Ph.D Biochemistry

Ph.D Biomechanical Engineering

Ph.D Botany

Ph.D Geo-Informatics

Ph.D Geodesy and Photogrammetry


Ph.D Inorganic Chemistry

Ph.D Organic Chemistry

Ph.D Physical Chemistry

Ph.D Processing and Structures Engineering

Ph.D Remote Sensing

Ph.D Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering

Ph.D Applied Mathematics

Ph.D Architecture

Ph.D Biotechnology

Ph.D Entrepreneurship

Ph.D Horticulture

Ph.D Human Resource Management

Ph.D in Food Science

Ph.D Landscape, Planning & Conservation

Ph.D Physics

Ph.D Pure Mathematics

Ph.D Telecommunication Engineering

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Statistics

Postgraduate Diploma In Medical Laboratory Sciences

Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health