Richest Comedians in Kenya 2021


Kenyans have come to embrace comedy, it’s now paying. The richest comedians own YouTube channels, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts which act as their main sources of their income. Some of them sell products online through their social media handles. There are a couple of them who get endorsements from big organizations.

Though comedians are not as rich as politicians, their pay is decent enough to sustain their lifestyle. The only problem is that majority of them are extravagant.

To become a comedian in Kenya, you don’t need any skills, only talent is needed.

Here is a list of the richest comedians as of 2021

  • Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill

Daniel Ndambuki is the richest comedian in Kenya with a net worth North of Ksh200 million. He is the brain behind Churchill Live which airs on NTV. Churchill works at Classic FM as a co-host with Maina Kageni.

  • Felix Odiwour/Jalango

Jalango is also another big name in the media industry. He owns Jalango TV which generates over Ksh 2 million every month. He also works at Classic FM where he is paid over Ksh 1 million per month.

The comedian also works as an MC where he hosts at least one event every weekend, he pulls in over Ksh250,000 from a single event.

  • Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is another comedian who has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Though he isn’t so rich, his money is enough to sustain him for a couple of years.He is behind the House Wife program which was suspended over explicit content.

Eric’s wealth is in the tune of Ksh40 million.

  • Kajairo

Kajairo is the MP for Dagoreti South.The Member of parliament owns several businesses within Nairobi.

Kajairo’s comedy started late 90s where he used to imitate former President Moi.He partnered with Walter Mongare and together made Kenyans laugh.He comfortably earns over Ksh 1 million per month as an MP.

  • Walter Mongare

Walter Mongare is a rich comedian, which is why he married two wives—it’s not easy to sustain high maintenance wives like those married to Nyambane.His wealth is estimated to be Ksh 40 million.

  • Njugush

Njugush is another comedian who is making inroads in the comedy world. He is currently among few comedians getting endorsements form top brands like Safaricom.He earns over Ksh5 million from a single endorsement.

Those are the only comedians who are rich in Kenya,but there are a couple of them to watch,like Flaqo Raz and mulamwah