Shocking!!This Woman Aliwekea Mwanaume Mchele and Stole from Him Ksh180,000 and TV(Photo)


Police are looking for a woman in Nairobi who drugged a man and stole from him over Ksh 180,000 ,Fridge and a 65 inch television. The woman befriended her victim in a pub who was drunk, she then drugged and stole the money from his accounts. Photos of the lady have been circulated and whoever knows her should report immediately to the police.

Avery Lounge in Utalwala reported as follows:

“Avery Lounge, Utawala has registered a police complaint on behalf of one of their clients, against an evil doer. She drugged (Mchele) the client and stole the following items:

1. TV 65″

2. Mpesa 130,000

3. 50,000 from Equity eazzy banking

4. Fridge

Police are in hot pursuit of her, any information about her whereabouts will be highly appreciated”