University Courses to do if you want to become successful in Kenya


There are university courses you’ll pursue in Kenya that you’ll automatically become successful. There are other courses that will forever make you an average Kenyan. If you want to become influencial, accumulate as much money as possible and get old a happy person, here are the best courses to do in Kenya:

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

Every bright student aspires to pursue Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery because they know chances of succeeding in life are 100%. Though high grades are required for one to be enrolled for the program, you can start with a diploma course and later upgrade to pursue Medicine.

The starting salary of a doctor in Kenya is in the neighborhood of Ksh150,000.

The best thing about this program is that will get employed at the same time run your own clinic.

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy is almost similar to Medicine. The success rate for those in this profession is 99.99%. As a pharmacist, you can work in pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, government institutions, research firms, NGOs or own your own Chemist.

  • Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Law is a highly rated profession in Kenya. Graduates struggle during their first years outside college. After gaining experience, they start getting decent income. Experienced lawyers charge millions of money from clients as legal fee.

Chances of being unsuccessful as a lawyer are low.

  • Bachelor of Architecture

Another university course you should undertake is Bachelor of Architecture. With a degree in Architecture, you will not lack something to do outside college. You will start by working for companies in Nairobi, then start your own company.

It’s almost impossible to find an architect suffering because there are no jobs—employment Is guaranteed for these professionals.

  • Bachelor of Quantity Survey

Quantity Surveying is a course that’s also highly marketable. Surveyors are needed when land is being subdivided, they are also employed by the government and private institutions.

When you are selected to pursue this course, you should thank God because it’s a very marketable program.

Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Software Engineering/Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Another program to pursue is Bachelor of Computer Science or Software Engineering. If you are good in programming, you won’t lack something to do. Giant telecom and IT companies recruit such people in masses.

  • Piloting

Piloting is for the selected few, mostly from rich background. To pursue a course in Medicine, you’ll spend in total Ksh6 million. But upon completion, you’ll live a soft life. Pilots earn up to Ksh2.8 million per month in Kenya.