Best Businesses to Start Near a Police Station in Kenya


There are a couple of businesses to start near a police station that will make you a millionaire. Police stations will always attract large crowds especially from those who are arrested. As an entrepreneur, you should take advantage of this crowd to earn a living.

Below is a list of businesses to run near a police station:


People who get arrested need MPESA so that they can withdraw money to pay fines and bribes. There is no any other business that will do better here than MPESA.

On top of running an MPESA shop, include bank agency business for Equity, Cooperative and KCB.

  • Sell bottled water

Since those arrested are not provided by water to drink, stocking bottled water near a police station will be a perfect idea. I can assure you that if you set up this business near a police station, you’ll make a lot of money.

  • Hotel/Restaurant

Another good business you should consider setting up near a police station is a hotel/restaurant. Those people are not given food in the police station, most of them rush immediately to a nearby hotel to buy food. You can’t go wrong with this kind of business.

  • Cyber Café

Printing, photocopying and scanning is the order of the day in police stations. Those arrested as well as those going to get them released must photocopy or scan items like IDs. Inside the police station, there are other items that need to be photocopied.

  • Bodaboda business

This is a booming business near police station. Those brought to the station don’t have means of transport and most of them are not rich.Bodaboda will be the ideal means of transport for them.Buy as many bodabodas as possible and position them outside a police station.You can’t go even a single day without registering profits.

  • Toilets and bathroom

You can also build toilets and bathrooms near a police station especially in towns where someone must board several vehicles to reach home. Most people would love to bath before going home because they have stayed in the police cell for days without taking a shower.

  • Pub

Police officers and some of those arrested would love to drink some alcohol to relieve stress. A pub/wines and spirits shop will do well near a police station as long as it’s licensed to operate.

  • Chemist

Finally, if you are a licensed pharmacist, go to a nearby police station and start a chemist, you will make a lot of money. Painkillers, Panadol, Paracetamol and many other drugs are on demand because the population inside the cell is stressed.

  • Garage

Some people will be arrested and their vehicles taken to a nearby garage.It’s not always that all the vehicles will be parked inside a police station because the space might be limited.

Start a garage with enough parking space.You will get a lot of customers