Is DJ Evolve Dead?


Rumours spreading indicates that DJ evolve is dead, but confirmed reports suggest that he is alive.His father,John Orinda,has dismissed rumours that he is dead and condemned those wishing his son death.

“He is doing fine. The device that was put on his throat is still there, he is not talking yet,” he said.

“I have been called by another journalist asking about the same. Whoever is spreading that information is not a good person. 

“A person who can proclaim death on someone alive? What kind of a person is that? 

It is not good at all. I have called my son, who stays with him, and he is doing fine,” said John Orinda.

Our sources intimate that the DJ is not in good health.Over the past few days,he has been weak and unable to eat.Yesterday,he fainted .We wish him quick recovery.