Why you Should Start MPESA Shop Near a Police Station in Kenya


There are several reasons why you should open an MPESA shop near a police station in Kenya.The explanation below summarizes the reasons:

“Mpesa business used to be very lucrative at the onset of mobile money transfers. The influx of the business by aggressive Kenyans have seen this business flooded however, it’s still a good business if you consider your location and a complimentary business.

For instance, and I’m not kidding, find a spot near a police station or police post that needs you to set up one. If you find a spot near a permanent roadblock the better. We can use our misdirected morality to Flipside yourself.

A conversation I had with someone who opened a cybercafe and mpesa near a police station few years ago told me that business boosted ten fold after he positioned himself within walking distance of a police station. Before he opened near a police station, of which it was pure coincidence, he was about to give up on his mpesa outlet and phone accessories shop. But the minute his father closed his kinyozi near the cop station, he moved his mpesa there and he became very blessed.

Most agents near police stations are underfunded and have float issues. Go there and open a robust one. You don’t need a full Cyber cafe, just have two desktops, a photocopier and a printer. Near a police station, even a Range Rover driving bazeng’ or a Subaru drifting morio need cash services. I was flagged for going over the 50KPH speed limit marked for centers along the highway and it didn’t matter whether I loved air-conditioned mpesa outlets… I had to do with an mpesa lady with the PR services of a wig on a windy day… nikinyenyekea tu.

We shall use our moral corruption to enrich you. Most fines are not payable via a pay bill. Most officers love their loot in cash. Most motorists want to either pay cash bail or instant bribes via cash. Most people want to bail out their friends and family from cells using kitu kidogo.

The second option is to set up near dispensaries and hospitals.

Many people just love hanging around police stations and hospitals for various cash based needs”