Things University and college students in Kenya don’t know, we wish they knew before graduation


When I was in college, I am one of those who believed that I would get a job immediately after graduation and start earning Ksh100,000.Even other students walinichocha sana.Kuna mmoja aliniambia mara mingi that his uncle used to work at a research firm,aliingia bila experience na anapata Ksh500,000 per month.Mimi nilikuja huku nje nikijua I’ll get a job in one month,I go to live in Runda na ninunue Range Rover within a year—lakini wapi!!!

Here are things I wish university and college students in Kenya knew:

–You may not get a job afterall,you’ll probably become a farmer.

–You don’t choose a job anymore, circumstances will choose for you.

–You are overrated—you’ll prove after graduation

–Nobody will pay the salary you’ll imagine of earning. You’ll probably earn Ksh20,000 per month for 5 years

—Getting even attachment is almost impossible nowadays

You might not easily afford things like TV and Woofers the way you afford in college.It can take you up to 7 years to buy a TV.

—All those relatives and neighbours promising you jobs will disappear once you complete school and start bothering them.

—There is no mob psychology at workplace like what happens in schools. Here,it’s you and you alone—ukikosewa huendi kuchocha wengine mgome.

—-Saving is hard, so respect even those with mud houses built from their savings.

—No specific formula to a good life.Start from anywhere, you’ll finally arrive.

–Some of your college mates will become millionaires, you will only see them on TV—wewe utakuwa tu hapo.You aren’t equal.

–Your bosses will be less intelligent,less educated na wanakusukumia kazi yote—but you have to respect them.

—There is no friendship in the workplace ,those are just colleeages.Wewe fanya job yako enda nyumbani.Those people you call friends ndio watakuchomea kazi yako iishe.

—It’s not always that those working so hard are the most rewarded,usijiue saana,enda na speed ya wengine.