Courses to do in Kenya to get a job with no experience


There are numerous degree courses to do in Kenya and get a job easily without experience. Normally, when you go looking for a job, you are asked to produce evidence of professional experience, which doesn’t augur well for fresh graduates. In order to be assured of getting a job without experience, pursue these courses:

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery is the best course to pursue in Kenya. The good thing is that someone will get a job even before they complete their studies. Surprisingly, fresh graduates earn even Ksh200,000 per month.

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy

Another good course you should pursue in Kenya is Bachelor of Pharmacy. I would advise any student to start their own Chemist immediately they complete school. But even if you don’t start your own business, you can easily be employed immediately you complete studies.

  • Bachelor of Architecture

The country does not have enough architects who can design magnificent structures. If you’re gifted in drawings, you’ll never lack a job.

  • Bachelor of Software Engineering

Not many people would work as Software Engineers because they work is involving. With a software Engineering degree and excellent coding skills, you’ll easily secure employment in a top institution. Safaricom, Google, Facebook, IBM and others need Software Developers and programmers, they only take the best brains.

  • Bachelor of Education

With a degree in education, you’ll never lack something to do. The government may not employ you but you’ll get jobs in various schools in terms of contracts. However, salaries are not good.

  • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

I will always advise anyone with average grades to study Journalism and Mass Communication. After college, start your own blog and make a lot of money. Blogging is the next big thing and the earlier you engage yourself the better. You can even start blogging while in college.

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