Best Iron Sheet Company in Kenya


Mabati Rolling Mills is the best iron sheet company in Kenya. If you go to Facebook, Google or Twitter and check reviews for Mabati Rolling Mills,you’ll discover that nobody is talking ill of MRM.

One thing you should understand is that many people have discovered that Kenyans love MRM iron sheets, they have now started manufacturing fake iron sheets which they brand as MRM.When you purchase from them, you’ll think they are genuine only for them to start fading in less than one year.

I have bought MRM iron sheets three time, the first time was in 2018.In every occasion, they have delivered without any drama. None of the mabatis have faced since putting them on the roof.

To avoid being scammed, I ordered the iron sheets direct from the factory. I went straight to MRM offices and paid money through Paybill Number. After paying half of the amount, they make orders from the industry. It took them two weeks to deliver the iron sheets.

One mistake you should avoid making is to buy the iron sheets from wholesalers and retailers, most of them will deliver the fake ones. Buying direct from the factory is the best thing to do because you’ll get genuine ones with a better price.

The only thing that discourages people from buying MRM iron sheets is the price—they are expensive. However, for those who know that cheap is expensive, they aren’t scared of the price. You will buy one iron sheet at Ksh 3,500 which will last for 30 years. Someone buys for Ksh1,200 something that will last for two years only.

Next time you want to order iron sheets,don’t think of any other company—go for MRM and you’ll get amazing products.