Mutua had a Small Mshedede,He Couldn’t Satisfy Me,Lilian Nganga


Alfred Mutua’s immediate former wife has revealed that the main reason she left Alfred Mutua is because he has a small and tiny mshedede.Lilian claims that most of the time,Alfred didn’t satisfy her,he was busy with girls in Nairobi.

“Mutua showered me with money but his mshedede was too small, I couldn’t feel it.He put inside only ones and removed, he couldn’t quench me.I decided to look for someone with big and long mshedede”,Lilian Nganga

The former first lady has moved on after officially announcing that she is no longer with Alfred.At the moment,Juliani is doing the job perfectly,even neighbours complained that a girl has come who makes noise at night.

Alfred should now look for a mature woman who can tolerate a one minute man.