Tribes with Most Professors in Kenya


In Kenya, there are a total of 720 professors. But a few tribes dominate in numbers. For one to become a professor, they must pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degrees. It takes more than 20 years of professional work for one to become a professor in Kenya.

Most of the professors in Kenya work in academic institutions. Their monthly pay is between Ksh 300,000 to Ksh1.2 million per month.

There are three categories of professors:

  1. Assistant Professors
  2. Associate Professors
  3. Full Professors

In summary, here are tribes with most professors in Kenya.

Luo—200 professors

Kikuyu—180 professors

Kalenjin—100 professors

Luhya—50 professors

Kisii—15 professors

Kamba—10 professors

Others—200 professors