Worst tribe to marry in Kenya


If you want to marry in Kenya, there are tribes you should not marry from—they are the worst. Marriage is not a short contract, it’s a binding agreement which lasts for decades. It’s therefore important to choose someone who will give you peace of mind and help you walk the journey together.

  • Luo men

Luo men are good when it comes to dating but in marriage, they are the worst. A Luo man will cheat at any slightest opportunity.He will praise you and shower you with gifts when you are still dating. He will spend everything to make you happy but remain poor the rest of the journey.

Luos are not good in handling finances. Any woman is happy in her own home not in a rental house. A Luo man will earn Ksh 200, 000,live in a Ksh100,000 monthly rental house and spend the rest on food, alcohol and women—he won’t save any money to invest in meaningful projects.

  • Kisii man

Only 1% of Kisii men are good, the rest are not good to marry. You can marry won and when you visit their home, you discover that your mother inlaw is a witch.

Kisii men are so controlling—they won’t allow you a lot of freedom. If you like going to parties and coming late home, a Kisii man won’t tolerate that.

Kisii men are good in bed but they sleep with anything in skirt.

  • Kamba ladies

Kamba women are also good in dating, a few are good to marry but majority are not marriage material.no Kamba lady will stay for weeks without sex.In case you don’t live with your Kamba wife, know that there is a man somewhere who is sleeping with her. Kamba women will have sex daily and they won’t get tired.

If you want to share your wife with another man, marry a Kamba woman.

  • Nandi men

Not all Kalenjin men are bad. Men from the Kipsigis community are good. But the Nandi men are arrogant and ruthless. Majority of them are trained not to respect any woman’s decision—anything he says is final.

Nandi men will cheat on you and you won’t do anything. If you try to cheat in order to revenge on him, he will silence you forever.

  • Luo women

Luo women are full of ego, arrogant and extravagant. A Luo woman likes to party and she likes being in company of men. She wants good life. If your money get exhausted, she leaves you for another man.

 Hawa hupenda strarehe sana,they don’t think of development.if you marry one,other men will laugh at you because hautaendelea.

  • Maasai men

If you are ready to have several co-wives,marry a Maasai man.