Things you should not tell a man during your first date


When you meet a man for the first time, there is that excitement that comes which can lead to verbal diarrhea. You find yourself saying things that can put you in trouble. If you haven’t known a man for years, don’t tell him everything—not all men are ready to listen to your bad side.

Here is a list of those things you should not tell a man during your first date:

  • Whether you’ve done abortion

Never mention to a man that you have done abortion before no matter how excited you are. Some men will not take it lightly, they’ll think you’re so cheap and careless. Even if you get married to him, it’s not a good idea to mention this.

  • Your investments

It’s a man’s duty to mention his investments to you. As a woman, mentioning all your assets and investments may scare him. Men feel good when they meet a woman they can control. If they find that you’re richer than him, they’ll never take you as a wife.

Other men will scheme on how to take the assets from you.

Let a man know while you have settled down and not when you’ve just started dating.

  • That you can’t live without him

You were born alone, you have survived without him, meaning that you can live without him. Mentioning that you can’t live without him implies that you are desperate .Never show a man that you are desperate.

  • Talking bad about your ex

Even when you get fired by your current employer, you are not required to badmouth him before your next employer. Even in relationship, don’t badmouth your ex before your new catch. The man may think that you’ll do the same to him when the relationship is over.

  • Asking for money on your first date

Even if you are so broke, never ask for money from your new man until you get used to him. Some men may not take the action lightly. Even me, I will start thinking on how frequent you’ll ask for money in future if you aren’t ashamed of asking for money the first day we meet.

  • Never tell your man the number of men you have dated before.

Unless your man asks you about your exes, never open your mouth to tell him about the men you have dated before. In case he asks you to mention, just say two or three, but don’t mention names.

  • Never tell a man to buy for you alcohol

Nowadays most women drink alcohol, which is normal. A man may take you to a pub to have fun and in the process, you find yourself being tempted to ask him to buy alcohol for you.No matter how tempting the situation is, never tell him to buy unless he offers to buy for you. Let him initiate the conversation.