Tricks scammers use to obtain money by pretending to be offering fixed matches


If you are not careful, you can easily be scammed online. There are several tricks tipsters use to scam innocent gamblers by pretending to be offering fixed matches. Even experienced gamblers fall to these tricks.

The first and most famous is one where someone posts won fixed matches on Telegram or Facebook. The matches look so real and in the Photoshopped ticket, someone won huge amount of money.Normally, these games are sent in correct score format where the odds are huge. The scammers use Photoshop to create fake results which they post on their Telegram accounts. As a gambler, when you see someone winning a lot of money from a single ticket, you are tempted to buy   a ticket from the scammer. You are told to pay something like $50 for registration. After few minutes, the scammer will tell you to pay $20 to activate your account, again you are required to pay $40 to book a ticket. As if that is not enough, the scammer will inform you to pay $100 to pay their source. After paying all this amount, they block you everywhere. Some will send fake games and when they realize they have lost after the games are played, they block you.

Other scammers will post on their websites won matches. They post daily to convince you into joining them and when you pay, they disappear.

These scammers only post played matches because they already know the result.

There are those who post results on Facebook and backdate them to show that they won. If you have not keenly followed the scammer, you’ll be tempted to pay.

Fake tipsters ask for a lot of money at ones because they know you’re not going to buy from them again. Any clever person will know when he is about to be scammed because there are clear signs. It’s rare to get correct score fixed matches daily .No tipster should pretend to be offering daily fixed matches.

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