Shocking Amount Betty Kyallo’s Salon Charges to Shave Hair


 Betty Kyallo owns a salon at Kilimani Nairobi and the amount she charges is crazy. While we are used to spending ksh50 to shave the entire head, Betty charges up to Ksh 3,500 per head.

The salon is located at the heart of Nairobi where wash wash guys live. Spending Ksh 3,500 for shaving is nothing to them.

In case you want to go and get shaved in Betty’s Kinyozi,here is the amount of money to spend:

Haircut and Colour—Ksh2,000

Haircut,Manicure and Pedicure—Ksh 2,500

Haircut and Face Scrub—Ksh1500

Haircut,Manicure.Pedicure & Face scrub—Ksh3,500

In Eastlands Nairobi,you’ll pay as low as ksh30.