Common Kalenjin names and their meaning


Kalenjin name their children based on situations, weather, animals or relatives. We have prepared a list of most common names given to Kalenjin children.Here is the full list:

1. Kipsang/Chesang – born outside the house

2. Kibet/Chebet – born midday

3. Kiprop/Cherop – born during the rainy season

4. Kipkoech/Chepkoech – born very early in the morning

5. Kiprotich/Cherotich – when cows are coming home

6. Kipkemoi/Chepkemoi – born at night

7. Kiptoo/Cheptoo – born when the visitor arrived

8. Kiprono/Cherono – When goats/sheep are coming from pastures

9. Kiplangat/Cheplangat – born after 7 pm

10. Kipngetich/Chepngetich – born when cows are being takes to pasture

11. Kipchirchir/Chepchirchir – Mom’s labor did not last long

12. Kipchumba/Chepchumba – born when visitors are around

13. Kimutai/Chemutai – mom’s labor lasted longer

14. Kipruto/Cheruto – when mom went for a visit

15. Kipkorir/Chepkorir – born before sunrise

16. Kipngeno/Chepngeno – born when goats were waking up

17. Kiptanui/Cheptanui – born when someone fainted

18. Kipyator/Chepyator – opening the way(firstborn)


  1. Kipkorir–born shortly before dawn
  2. Kipkoech–born at dawn
  3. Kimutai–born in mid-morning
  4. Kibet–born at midday
  5. Kiplagat (Kiplangat)–born at sunset
  6. Kipkirui–born shortly after dark
  7. Kipkemboi–born at night
  8. Kipngetich–born when cows are taken to pasture after morning milking
  9. Kiprotich–born when cattle are brought home for evening milking
  10. Kipngeno–born when goats are waking up
  11. Kiprono–born when sheep or goats are
  12. brought into the house in the evening
  13. Kipkeino–born when sheep or goats are
  14. being milked (i.e. when cows milk is short)
  15. Kiplimo–born among grazing cattle
  16. Kipngeny–born when cattle are at a salt lick
  17. Kipkosgei–born after a long labor, or a long interval between children
  18. Kipchirchir–born in a hurry, after short labor
  19. Kiptanui–fainted, failed to cry or breathe at birth
  20. Kipketer–born on the verandah
  21. Kipchoge–born near the grain storage bin
  22. Kipsang–born outdoors
  23. Kipkurgat–born by the door
  24. Kibitok–born on the fathers side of the hut, not the mothers
  25. Kiptoo–born when visitors are around
  26. Kiptum–born during circumcision ceremonies
  27. Kimaiyo–born when beer is being brewed or drunk
  28. Komen–born when beer is being brewed or drunk
  29. Kipruto–born away from home, on safari
  30. Kipchumba–born near white men, i.e. in a
  31. hospital, in a town, on a white-owned farm
  32. Kipkemei–born during a drought
  33. Kiprugut–born during a famine
  34. Kiptalam–born during an infestation of locusts
  35. Kipsigei–born on his own (i.e. the mother had no help)
  36. Cheruiyot (male only)–born when everyone was asleep
  37. Kitur–born after parents had begun to despair of having a child
  38. Kigen–a long-awaited son