Kenyan Universities with most handsome guys


There are universities in Kenya where majority of men are handsome while others have the ugliest men. Handsome men choose light courses, which is why majority of guys in JKUAT and MMUST are not handsome.

Those men also choose universities which are located in Nairobi, Nakuru or Mombasa because they need soft life.

If you want to get a handsome boyfriend from Kenyan universities, go to these places;

  1. University of Nairobi
  2. Daystar University
  3. USIU
  4. Pwani University
  5. Mount Kenya University
  6. Strathmore University
  7. Technical University of Mombasa
  8. Africa Nazarene University
  9. Kabarak University
  10. Multi Media University
  11. St Paul’s University
  12. Kenya Methodist University
  13. Kenya School of law
  14. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication

Kenya School of Law is one of those places where you enter and get shocked by the handsomeness of men in that place. Another amazing place is USIU.Students who study in international schools end up in places like USIU, Strathmore and Daystar. These guys are blessed with brains and looks.

The worst places to look for handsome men are: University of Kabianga, Kisii University and Egerton University.