Why Blogging is the best Way to Make Money online in Kenya


Blogging is one of the best ways of making money online in Kenya. There are over 10 reasons why you should become a blogger.

For the first time, I can reveal that when I changed my career to become a blogger, my status changed. I used to become broke by date 4 every month but blogging helped me make extra income every month. It reached a time I made more money from blogging than from my full time job.

Blogging, YouTube and academic writing are some of the ways Kenyans make money but academic writing is risky because people might be barred from doing the work in future. YouTube is also risky because it’s a platform you don’t own. Blogging is excellent because you own the blog and have full control of it.

  1. If you want to become a blogger, here are the reasons you should become one:
  2. It’s cheap to start (requires a capital of less than Ksh10, 000)
  3. You become your own CEO
  4. It’s flexible, you can work from anywhere and anytime of the day.
  5. You have many ways of earning money (AdSense, AdSense alternative, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and direct banner ads)
  6. You earn money while sleeping.
  7. You can easily become a millionaire
  8. There is no stiff competition in blogging
  9. You are not exposed to risks because nobody will know what you earn unless you tell them

Majority of bloggers in Kenya make money through AdSense. A good number also generate income from MGID,follow this link to register for free and start making money online

With AdSense as the main income generating platform, expect to earn over Ksh150, 000 every month with 1 million page views. When your blog has enough blog posts, you’ll earn money even if you’ll not be posting on regular basis.

To start your own blog, you need a capital of Ksh 5,000 to ksh20,000.Most bloggers register their .com domain names at Bluehost for free.To get started,click here and visit Bluehost website

It might be tough for the start but you’ll eventually start making generous income through your blog.