Counties with most beautiful ladies in Kenya


There are counties where you visit and find almost every lady there is beautiful, yaani huwezipita wasichana watatu bila kupata mrembo zaidi.Other counties in Kenya produce the ugliest ladies especially from rift Valley,Nyanza and Northern Kenya.

If you want to marry or date a beautiful girl, visit any of these counties:

  1. Mombasa
  2. Embu
  3. Kwale
  4. Kitui
  5. Machakos
  6. Makueni
  7. Nyandarua
  8. Nyeri
  9. Kirinyaga
  10. Muranga
  11. Kiambu
  12. Nakuru
  13. Kajiado
  14. Bungoma
  15. Nairobi

Nairobi leads with the number of beautiful women.It’s like they are filtered from every county where the best are sent to Nairobi.Mombasa also provide very beautiful girls especially from Taita.

Kisii, Nyamira,most parts of Rift Valley and Kisumu produce some of the ugliest women in Kenya.Also in the list are counties from Northern parts of Kenya.

Beauty is not only skin colour but body complexion—how is the face?how is the behind?etc.

The irony is that most countries with beautiful women produce the highest number of single mothers. Kenyan men fear marrying extremely beautiful women.