Janet Mbugua Divorces Her husband Eddie Ndichu


Former Citizen TV News Anchor Janet Mbugua is single. Janet has divorced her husband Eddie Ndichu over irreconcilable differences. The two have been living apart since 2020 after an incident at Ole Sereni Hotel.

It’s believed that Janet had been suspecting Eddie ever since they got married. On the fateful night, Eddie was chilling with his friends at Ole Sereni when two girls appeared. Being a man of ego, he approached the girl, wanting friendship by force. The girl refused his advances. A commotion ensured leading to violence. One of the girl’s car side mirror was destroyed.

Janet got wind of what was happening. It was at that point she discovered who Eddie was and how he misbehaved whenever he was with his friends away from home. She divorced him and threw the wedding ring away.

Janet has been single for more than a year now but she has not formally announced her new status—but she lives in peace.