Robert Agengo: Zora actor has 5 Children with 5 different Women and He’s not interested in marriage


Actor Robert Agengo famed for his role, Fella on TV drama series Zora has confidently said he is a father of six children with 5 different women. The actor also claimed that marriage is a scam, saying being married is like slavery.

Agengo revealed that he takes care of all his children and he is ready to add more if need be.

“I have six kids from five women. Some times we brush shoulders but if they understand my life as an artiste, they know most of the time how life can be especially in such situations but that’s life and we take it everyday as life goes on

“I always want them to know that responsibility is for two people and I don’t have to have money to have a relationship with my child,” Agengo said.

“I don’t believe in marriage. I’d rather be alone or be with my children… I don’t want to feel like I’m responsible to anybody’s happiness. Even the way I raise my children, I tell them nobody owes them anything in the real sense of anything

“You only do it out of obligation and what you feel. You don’t have to go out of your way and get uncomfortable to provide for someone else,” Agengo stated.