How to prevent thieves from stealing money online from your bank Credit Card


There’s a marauding bank card fraud gang. They collude with business establishments to steal clients’ card data at point of payment and defraud them by using their cards to make huge online purchases. Please note that anybody with your card number and CVS number(3 digits at the back of your card), can use your card online without your authority and without needing your pin. Here are a few tips to stay safe;

1. Never at any single point leave your card unattended.

2. Connect your card to your phone. This helps you to monitor all transactions and pick up any mischief before it gets out of hand.

3. When swiping đź’ł payments, never let the person serving you step away from you with your card.

4. Take note of any suspicious activity like the person fidgeting with their phone or paying too much attention to your card when making payments.

5. Only make online payments on reputable and trackable sites/businesses. Always scrutinize online portals before entering your card details to make payments. Make sure they are secure because your data can be stolen via phishing sites.

6. When you notice any suspicious activity, your first step should be to call your bank and block the card before taking any other steps.