List of Jacque Maribe EX Boyfriends


Jacque Maribe had been in romantic relationship with over 10 Kenyan men. A list has been leaked showing the number of men she has slept with. In the list,Dennis Itumbi,Sam Ogina,Jowie and Eric Omondi are the only known men who have slept on her but there are others—many.

The list was leaked by one of Jacque’s boyfriends who know her as generous and outgoing. Here is the list:

1. Sam Ogina

2. Eric Omondi

3. Oliver Mathenge

4. Joseph Irungu (Jowie)

5. Dennis Itumbi

6. Chipukeezy

7. David The Student

8. DJ Kris Darlin

9. “Unknown” birthday guest

There are many others we don’t know, maybe she tell us to include in the list.