Odibets Midweek Jackpot Bonuses


Odibets Midweek Jackpot predictions start from 10 correct predictions. The jackpot bonuses are awarded for those getting 0, 10, 11 and 12 correct predictions. Those getting 13/13 correct predictions earn Ksh 20 million.

The jackpot is provided to players every week and the stake amount is Ksh20.

The bonuses are distributed among winners equally. For instance, if Odibets decides to award those getting 10 games correct a total of Ksh1 million and there are 10 winners, each winner will get Ksh10,000.

Based on previous winnings, here are the estimated bonuses awarded by Odibets to winners:

0/13 correct games—Ksh 5,000

10/13 correct games—Ksh20,000

11/13 correct games—Ksh 100,000

12/13 correct games—Ksh 800,000

13/13 correct games—Ksh 20 million

For those who want predictions for Odibets Midweek and Mega Jackpots,register with us by paying Ksh1,400 per month or Ksh700 for two weeks.The amount is paid to the MPESA till number 705909 and tips will be sent weekly through SMS.