Current games and statistics of the Bundesliga


The German Bundesliga is rightfully considered one of the top rank club football championships in Europe. This can be confirmed not only by pallid statistics, but also by football games today of the German championship that are watched by millions of people and remain the most popular for betting in betting companies.

FC Bayern Munich remains the strongest club in the Bundesliga. Borussia Dortmund, along with RB Leipzig, which is also a real threat, often become the main rivals of FC Bayern Munich in the competition for the first place in the German football standings. There have been up to 29 different national champions throughout German club football history. However, only six teams got the opportunity to print a gold star on their jersey after winning at least three cups in the Bundesliga era in the 1963/64 season. Besides FC Bayern Munich these are the following clubs:

  • Borussia Dortmund (two stars);
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach (two stars);
  • Werder Bremen (one star);
  • Hamburg SV (one star);
  • Stuttgart FC (one star).

Many teams in history have won first place in the standings in Germany. Though, nowadays these clubs do not even belong to the national football elite league. There are the following examples: TVP 1860 Munich, FC Kaiserslautern, Blau-Weiss 90 Berlin, Karlsruher Sport-Club, Eintracht Brunswick and Austrian Rapid Vienna.

29 different teams have become national champions in the history of German club football. FC Bayern Munich is, of course, the most successful team, which remains the strongest team in today’s football games. At present this team can even be called football predominant in Germany. The teams with the most cups for winning the league are FC Nuremberg (9 titles), Borussia Dortmund (8 titles), Schalke 04 (7 titles) and Hamburg SV (6 titles).

Up-to-date Bundesliga standings
Bundesliga is the only one of the four best football tournaments in Europe, in which not 20, but 18 clubs of the country take part. The current situation in the Bundesliga league table can be found on the football statistics website. This football league uses a round-robin system, i.e. each team faces all 17 opponents twice. One of the matches is played at the home stadium and the other – at the opponent’s stadium. For each match won in the Bundesliga, the team receives 3 points. The team, which receives the most points in 34 rounds will become the German champion and will play in the group stage of the Champions League the next year. The place in it is also reserved for the other teams that are in the top four. The clubs ranked 5th and 6th will take part in the Europa League. The team from the 7th place Bundesliga table league will have to go through the qualification process in order to qualify for this competition. For example, if two teams gain the same number of points at the end of the season, their place in the table shall be determined by the total score in games played between them.