How Kenyans are Being Kidnapped Nowadays—Don’t Board Noah or Voxy if you don’t know the owner


There is a new trick people with Noah and Voxy are using to kidnap and steal from innocent Kenyans.If you don’t know the owner of the vehicle don’t board it even if you’re given a lift.

Here is evidence of what has been going on in Kenya:

New wave of kidnappings, they use Voxy or Noah and they politely ask you “Unaenda Eldoret?” Very nice guys with good PR, shortly you are sitting in between guys and a knife and pistol behind your back, you are then required to login to all your accounts n they withdraw the cash, then they ask you to crowdsource money from friends. All the while you are in a trip for 5 hours later you are dumped n given transport. Be very careful while asking for ‘lift’. Use normal matatus.

Real story that just happened to a friend.