Michelle Ntalami breaks up with Makena! Cites Infidelity as her reason for leaving the Relationship


Michelle Ntalami is single now.The petite girl dumped her longtime girlfriend Makena after finding her severally cheating with other girls.

Ntalami: “By now, most people knew about my relationship with someone I will address as they/them. The truth of the matter of why we are no longer together is serial infidelity on their part with multiple partners. Those I suspected and confirmed are two individuals; one a public figure, and the other a less known married woman, a health worker. Eventually, these individuals undoubtedly confirmed the above.”

“Besides the lies and infidelity, I feel extremely used. I am currently coming to terms with all of this. It has been a tough journey this year, but I am learning to let go of the hurt, move on and simply, adjust back my crown. Forgiveness is an emotion you arrive at, not decide to. My heart is big, I will get there.” She wrote on Instagram.

The two have been dating for almost 5 years now but it seems Michelle was dating herself. Makena wanted the real thing, which is why she went for men and women.