Prison Warder Salaries in Kenya


Prison Warders are among the lowest paid security officers in Kenya. Their monthly salaries range between Ksh 27,000 and Ksh400,000 per month. The lowest paid is a Constable who takes home a basic salary of Ksh 20,987 per month. The highest paid is the Commissioner General of Prisons who pockets a basic salary of Ksh 423,785 per month.

Prison Warders earn based on ranks where the lowest Rank is PG1 which is held by a Constable while the highest rank is PG held by Commissioner General of Prisons.

Below we give details of ranks, salaries and allowances for Prison Warders in Kenya:

Ranks of Prison Warders in Kenya:

Constable of Prisons-PG 1
Corporal of Prisons-PG 2
Sergeant of Prisons-PG 3
Senior Sergeant of Prisons-PG 4
Inspector of Prisons-PG 5
Chief inspector of Prisons- PG 6
Superintendent of Prisons-PG 7
Senior Superintendent of Prisons-PG 8
Assistant Commissioner of Prisons-PG 9
Senior Assistant Commissioner of Prisons-PG 10
Deputy Commissioner of Prisons-PG 11
Senior Deputy Commissioner of Prisons-PG 12
Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 13
Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 14
Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 15
Basic Salaries of Prison Warders in Kenya per month
Constable of Prisons —Ksh20,987
Corporal of Prisons –- Ksh28,671
Sergeant of Prisons—Ksh31,737
Senior Sergeant of Prisons—Ksh33,903.

Inspector of Prisons—Ksh154,975

Chief Inspector of Prisons—Ksh161,346

Superintendent of Prisons—Ksh170,450

Senior Superintendent of Prisons—Ksh189,874

Assistant Commissioner of Prisons—Ksh 201,000

Senior Deputy Commissioner of Prisons—Ksh 227,000

Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons—Ksh 256,000

Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons—Ksh 323,640

Commissioner General of Prisons—Ksh 423,785

Allowances of Kenya Prisons warders

Sergeant-Ksh 8,540
Senior sergeant-Ksh 9,000
Inspector-Ksh 12,000
Chief inspector-Ksh 16,000
Superintendent –Ksh 26,500
Senior superintendent-Ksh 26,500
Assistant commissioner-Ksh 30,500
Senior deputy-Ksh 47,000
Commissioner of prisons-Ksh 228,000