40 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Kenya (2022)


There are 40 main ways in which you can make money online in 2022.Nowadays people make even millions of money monthly by simply working from home. One of the ways in which you can make money is through blogging. This one you are assured of earning passive income for the rest of your life. The capital you need is less than Ksh 20,000.To create your own blog, you simply visit Bluehost and register a domain name, then buy hosting services and install WordPress (Click here to get a new domain for free)

You can also start a YouTube channel for free and make over Ksh100,000 monthly. People like Eva Mungai earn Ksh1.5 million every month yet they didn’t finish college.

Another easy way to make money online is by selling your products on social media. Some of the products you can sell include: smartphones, TVs, duvet, clothes and shoes.

In summary,here are the 40 ways you can make money online in Kenya(2022)

  1. Become a blogger
  2. Become a YouTuber (Create your own channel)
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Sell eBooks
  5. Sell online courses
  6. Sell products on social media
  7. Entertain your audience on social media and ask for support
  8. Buy and sell domains
  9. Create, build and sell websites
  10. Sell data bundles online
  11. Academic writing
  12. Data entry jobs
  13. Participate in paid surveys
  14. Offer CV and Cover writing services
  15. Manage Social media pages for other people
  16. Sell photos online
  17. Offer web hosting services
  18. Operate a marketing agency
  19. Sell betting tips
  20. Guest Posting
  21. Operate online shop (e-commerce website)
  22. Offer online dating services (create a website)
  23. Provide online consultancy services
  24. Buy and sell Bitcoins
  25. Forex Trading
  26. Buy unit trust, shares and bonds online
  27. Offer recruitment services/job board website
  28. Do transcription jobs
  29. Advertise land online and earn commissions
  30. Offer online loans
  31. Create and sell Apps and software
  32. Online taxi services
  33. Transcription
  34. Drop shipping
  35. Create a fundraising App
  36. Sell academic notes and past papers like those of Kasneb
  37. Rent your house online
  38. Create Facebook pages, grow and sell them.
  39. Buy and sell old products the way Jiji Kenya does
  40. Sell your skills online, like dancing,DJ services and comedy