Why you should not marry a single mother in Kenya


Marry a single mother in Kenya at your own risk. If you meet a girl kwa njia na akwambie she has a kid, don’t marry her, instead date her and end the relationship soon. The worst mistake you’ll make is to proceed and marry her. Here are the reasons why you should not marry a single mother in Kenya.

  • The real father of the baby will always sleep with your wife

Your wife will pretend that she doesn’t love the man anymore but in the real sense, he will always sleep with her whenever your wife takes the kid to visit him.Wewe utakuwa unajidanganya eti they parted ways but the man will sleep any time he feels like.In short,you’ll be sharing your wife with another person na hakuna kitu utafanya.

  • The baby will not love you unconditionally.

Since the baby knows that you aren’t the biological father, they won’t love you unconditionally. The worst case is when the child is a boy. Boys normally rebel against their fathers and when they grow up, you won’t control him.

  • Your wife’s interest and attention will be directed to the child, not you

When you marry a lady without a kid, all the attention will be towards you as a man.But when she comes with a baby, she will only give you 50% attention. You won’t enjoy life

  • She will dump you one day the way she dumped her ex husband

Most single mothers have developed think skin, they won’t mind dumping you in broad daylight. If by chance you get someone who is used to living alone, she won’t give you a second chance—just a small mistake and she is out.

  • She won’t allow you to discipline the child

Even if the child makes a mistake, she won’t allow you to discipline him/her. Any time you want to instill discipline, she complains that you don’t love the child. In short, you’ll not have absolute freedom in your own house.

  • They hide their character

The main agenda of a single mother is to get married. During that stage of searching for a man, she will hide her character. You know, a woman can hide her character for decades until her mission is accomplished then she unleashes demons in her. It’s hard to know the character of a desperate or broke human being until they become comfortable.

It’s after you get one or two children with her that she will start showing her true colours.