Do you Know Sabina Chege was Amos Kimunya’s Wife? Here are Ten things to know about Sabina Wanjiru Chege-Gathitu


Here are 10 facts about Sabina Chege:

1. Born in 1972 in Murang’a County, Hon. Sabina attended Kinyona and Matu primary schools before she joined Mugoiri Girls High School where she delved into acting.
2. She joined the University of Nairobi to pursue a Bachelor’s of Education degree. It is during her time in school that she got a job at Kameme FM, a popular Kikuyu radio station, as a presenter from 2000-2005, a position she says afforded her a chance to understand politics straight from the grassroots level. After graduating in 2005, she would later leave her job as a presenter, for a Managerial position at World Space Africa, a communications firm, until 2007. Sabina Chege moved to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) as a controller of commercial radio services.
3. Hon. Sabina was, at one time, engaged to famous Kikuyu Benga Music sensation, John De’ Matthew (Ndemethiu). So deep was what they had, that the singer featured her in his hit single ‘Njata Yakwa’ (My star). Sabina, now a mother of three, is married to Maina Gathitu, former Kenya Dairy Board boss as a second wife with whom they have one child. Interestingly, she was once Hon Amos Kimunya’s wife and together they sired the first two children. She later left him when he drifted into depression after losing his Kipipiri MP seat.
4. Prior to the 2013 General Elections, she would resign from her role at KBC to contest the Murang’a County Women Representative seat on The National Alliance (TNA) ticket, which she managed to clinch successfully. She was the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, in the previous Parliament.
5. In April, Chege was embroiled in a controversy after a middle-aged man, Benson Chacha, was arrested over allegations that he was using the MP’s name to extort money from MPs. Known for her ‘healthy appetite’, those close to her revealed that she had been intimate with the Chacha guy and he wanted large sums of money from her. There were allegations that the MP had been in communication with Chacha, with a section of Kenyans claiming the two were in a relationship. The MP, however, denied the allegations and distanced herself from Chacha.
6. Sabina Chege had recently tried to be a Kikuyu elder, but was strongly condemned by other elders from the community. The elders said even the first female chief in colonial Kenya, Wangu wa Makeri who served in Wangu location, was not declared an elder. She was warned of the risk of angering ancestral spirits that may strike back and cause her misery.
7. In 2015, Murang’a Women representative became the joke of media mis-editing when KTN confused her name ‘Sabina Chege’ with that of Nairobi’s prostitution hotspot ‘Sabina Joy’.
8. Three weeks ago, she came out guns blazing to defend Deputy President William Ruto following the release of an opinion poll survey that ranked him as the most corrupt leader in the country. She argued that DP Ruto cannot be corrupt, noting that he is among the few honest and trustworthy leaders in the country. This is understood since in 2016, she announced that she wants to be Deputy President William Ruto’s running mate in the 2022 general election.
9. There was a heated debated in parliament on Wednesday 22 August between the male Members of Parliament and Sabina Chege after the MPs complained of her ‘inappropriate’ dressing code. She has done this severally and the men in the house could not remain mum anymore. She was given a warning by the speaker and urged to dress appropriately or else she will be thrown out
10. In October last year, her parents were involved in grisly road accident which claimed her mother and left her father critically injured. Mr Mutema and his wife were heading to Githumu while the vehicle carrying Unaitas Sacco staff was heading in the opposite direction when they collided at a sharp bend.