The career of Óscar Washington Tabárez in front of the Uruguayan national football team


Currently it is really unusual to see a coach that lasts more than 5 years in a national team. The pressure for obtaining immediate results sometimes can be too much to tolerate. However, still, whenever an important match of a national team takes place, it is always a good idea to visit best betting sites in Kenya – 1xBet. There have been many coaches with long stints in front of their national squads. One of them is Óscar Washington Tabárez.

He was appointed as the head coach of the Uruguayan national squad back in 2006. During those years, Uruguay was still recovering from the failure of not qualifying to the FIFA World Cup of that year. Surprisingly, this was not the first time that Tabárez was in front of the national squad. He also had a much shorter spell in front of it back in the early 1990s. When visiting 1xBet Kenya the best betting site in, it is possible to bet on the Uruguayan squad.

Reviewing Tabárez’s career

At the time when Tabárez was appointed as the head coach of the Uruguayan team, he was no unknown figure in his country. In fact, back then, he had quite a respectable coaching career. The great games available at can be enjoyed while waiting for Uruguay’s matches. Some places where he coached prior to taking the reins of the Uruguayan team include:

  • Real Oviedo;
  • AC Milan;
  • and also Boca Juniors.

The reason why Tabárez’s career in front of his squad deserves to be highlighted was because he was in charge of the Uruguayan National football team for an impressive period of 15 years. From 2006 to 2021. During that period everything happened. There were great failures, but also excellent achievements. The latter include Copa América titles and good participation in FIFA World Cups. Whenever Uruguay played a match, it was certainly a good idea to visit 1xBet and explore all the betting options on the squad.

The bitter end

The last months of Tabárez in front of the Celeste were anything but easy. But Uruguay is still an interesting squad for making bets after the 1xBet app download on smartphones.

During his last matches, the team lost many contests, received lots of goals, and showed a complete lack of game plans or strategy to face its matches. A defeat against Bolivia in the 2022 FIFA WC qualifiers finally sealed Tabárez’s fate. After losing 0-3 in La Paz, the Uruguayan football association had enough. On the 19th of November 2021 they announced the sacking of Tabárez, ending his 15 long years in front of the team. To make the download 1xBet app process allows to wager on everything that happens with the Uruguayan national team.