Best Stake Amount for Betting on Football Matches in Kenya


Though there is no rule in Kenya to determine the correct stake amount, as an individual, you should set the limit of the amount of money you should put in a bet. The most ideal daily stake amount should be Ksh10 to Ksh1, 000.Any stake amount beyond Ksh1, 000 can cause serious discomfort and consequences among gamblers.

Betting is tempting, you bet with Ksh100 today and when you win, the heart tells you to stake with ksh20,000.You go ahead and bet with 20k only to lose everything. In a bid to recover the money, you again stake with Ksh20, 000.By the time you realize you won’t recover your money, you’ve lost 100k.

There is a reason why all betting companies in Kenya have maximum and minimum stake amount. They know that if they don’t put maximum stake, people will overindulge in betting and end up losing all their money. Some people will sell even their land to use the money in betting. Majority of betting sites have set their maximum stake at Ksh20, 000.You can’t spend more than this amount on a bet. They also have maximum number of times a customer should bet.

If you want to bet for long without giving up, spend Ksh20 to Ksh 100 per bet slip. Let me tell you how to win on daily basis. Pick 4 teams you are sure of, combine them and stake with Ksh100, you’ll win Ksh 500.If you win Ksh 500 daily for 5 days, that’s Ksh 2,000 per week—that’s good money. In a month, you’ll take home Ksh10, 000 and above. If you become so greedy and combine 20 games, I can assure you there is no single day you’ll make a profit. Nowadays teams fix matches a lot and to win with a multibet of many games is hard.

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