Most Expensive Schools in Kenya 2022

Most Expensive Schools in Kenya 2018, the Fee Structures will Shock You!


Which are the most expensive schools in Kenya for the year 2022?It is often said that education is power. It is something that we almost cannot do without during these modern times. The world is fast changing and at least, basic education is important as it opens up a child’s mind for numerous ideas and opportunities. However, there are some schools which are very expensive for the common mwananchi. These schools are usually meant for the high end persons who want upscale education for their children and don’t mind the exorbitant fees charged.

These are some of the most expensive schools in Kenya if you are looking for one or want to avoid. It depends on the ‘lane’ you belong!

  1. International School of Kenya (ISK)

Located on the outskirts of Nairobi, the International School of Kenya (ISK) is a private, non-profit PreK-Grade 12 school created in 1976 through a joint partnership between the governments of the United States and Canada. It offers international curriculum leading to rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma program .The school has high school, middle school and elementary school and is meant for mostly expatriates and Kenyan students who want such curriculum.

 See the charges for the year 2017-18 for instance;

Application fee-$400

One-Time Capital Levy-$9,250

Tuition per year is as follows

Pre- Kindergarten-$15,163

Kindergarten: $24,004

Grade 1-5:$25326

Grade 6-8:$26,465

Grade 9-10:$27,959

Grade 11-12:$29,072

Annual capital levy: $1250

Bus fees: $1900.
There are also lunch fees which depend on the menu a parent may wish for their child.

  1. Greensteds International school

It is a private international school found in Nakuru environs, along the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway. The school competes well with other international schools in Kenya attracting both international and local students who can afford. It offers both day and boarding facilities

The fee charges are follows;

Year Group         Day (Ksh.)           Boarding (Ksh.)

Playgroup                           42,000                  –

Crèche                 71,000                  –

Nursery                               82,000                  –

Reception                          82,000                  –

Years 1 – 2                          114,500                349,000

Years 3 – 4                          153,500                420,000

Years 5 – 6                          186,500                447,500

Year 7                   242,000                559,000

Year 8                   251,500                570,000

Year Group         Day        Boarding

Year 9                   264,000 619000

Years 10 – 11      307000 671,500

Years 12 – 13      374000 734,500

  1. Andrews Turi

Found in Turi, Molo area of Nakuru town in Kenya. It offers British curriculum and has both preparatory and secondary levels. The school is known for high end menu where most Kenyan parents often visit to partake in meals which they have never tasted!

See the fee charges;

Years 1 to 2 (day school)- ksh 304,000fees (per term)

Reception to year 2 (weekly boarding) – ksh 578,000fees (per term, including tuition)

Reception to year 2 (full boarding) – ksh 608,000fees (per term, including tuition)

Years 3 to 4 (day school) – ksh 411,000fees (per term)

Years 3 and 4 (weekly boarding) – ksh 600,000fees (per term, including tuition)

Years 3 to 4 (full boarding) – ksh 632,000fees (per term, including tuition)

Years 5 to 6 (day school) – ksh 440,000fees (per term, including tuition)

Years 5 to 6 (weekly boarding)- ksh 643,000fees (per term, including tuition)

Years 5 to 6 (full boarding) – ksh 677,000 (per term, including tuition)

Years 7 to 8 (day school) – ksh 475,000 (per term, including tuition)

Years 7 to 8 (weekly boarding) – ksh 694,000 (per term, including tuition)

Years 7 to 8 (full boarding) – ksh 730,000 (per term, including tuition)

  1. Brook House

Brook house is located in Langata one of the suburbs of Nairobi City about 10 Km from the offers British curriculum with both day and boarding school facilities. It has early years, preparatory and secondary levels.

Have a look at the fee charges based on Kenyan shillings;

Class            Tuition only     Boarding and Tuition

Early years: 175,000              n/a

Year 1:215,000                      n/a

Years 2-5:375,000                675,000

Years 6-8:410,000                710,000

Years 9-11:450,000             750,000

Years 12-13:465,000           765,000

BTEC courses: 200,000        500,000

  1. Peponi School

Peponi School is found in Ruiru, outskirts of Nairobi city along Thika Road. It offers international curriculum of secondary education. Word has it that the school is associated with the Kenyatta family.

The charges are as follows:

Entry Charges (once only payments)-Application Fee 5,000.00, Registration Fee 10,000.00

Caution Deposit (refundable) – Kenyan Residents 275,000.00

Caution Deposit (refundable) – Non-Kenyan Residents 350,000.00

Pupil’s Pass (only for pupils whose parents are not Kenyan citizens and not resident in Kenya)- 5,000.00

Charges per Term (3 terms per year)- Full Boarders 983,400.00 ,Weekly Boarders 928,725.00 and Day Pupils 696,675.00

  1. Hillcrest International School

Hillcrest international is one of the leading British curriculum based school in Kenya. It was founded in 1965 and was owned by a politician Kenneth Matiba. It is located in Karen, one of the leafy suburbs of Nairobi.

Parents pay on average Ksh.782, 000 per term. You can view full details here:

  1. Brae burn Group of International schools

It is a group of international schools offering co-educational international/British curricula. The schools are found in Nairobi, along Gitanga road.

The fee structure is as follows;

Basic fees (2017/2018 Academic year)

Year Group                      Annual Tuition Fee (KSh)                                      Deposit (KSh)

FS1 (Nursery) – mornings only    589,200                                                             50,000

FS1 (Nursery) – afternoon care    66,600                                                       0

FS2 (Reception)                                      655,800                                                          50,000

Year 1 to 6                                1,351,500                                                       50,000

Year 7 to 9                                1,420,500                                                       50,000

Year 10                                          1,514,700                                                   50,000

Year 11 (IGCSE)                   1,514,700                                                      50,000

Year 12 & 13 (AS/A2/BTEC)          1,621,000                                                        50,000


Year Group         Annual Lunch Fee (KSh)

Nursery                                    77,700

Reception           81,000

Year 1 & 2            81,600

Year 3 to 6           84,600

Year 7 & 8            91,200

Year 9 & 10          92,400

Year 11 to 13      92,400


Year Group                            Transport Type              Annual Transport Fee (KSh)

FS1 (Nursery) to Year 10               Regular transport                           155,400

FS1 (Nursery) to Year 10               Door-to-door transport                    275,700

Year 11 to 13                                Regular transport                            155,400

Year 11 to 13                                Door-to-door transport                     275,700

  1. Gems Cambridge International School.

Found in Nairobi, the school provides international curriculum and is modelled after Cambridge schools in UAE. They offer education to children from foundation stage all the way to Year 13.

See the fee structure;

Registration fee-1,600/-   (prospectus fee rs. 300/- included)

Admission fee-17,250/-

Refundable security-5,000/-

Annual fee-8,850/-

Tuition fee

P.F. to FS2-2,265/- per month 6,795/- quarterly

Grade 1 to 5-2,860/- per month 8,580/- quarterly

Grade 6 to 8-3,345/- per month 10,035/- quarterly

Grade 9 –10-3,670/- per month 11,010/- quarterly

Grade 11, 12 arts/commerce-3,875/- per month 11625/- quarterly

Science- 4100/- per month 12300/- quarterly

Transport fee

Up to 5 kms-1,240/- per month    3,720/-   quarterly

Above 5 to 10 kms1,295/- per month 3,885/-   quarterly

10 kms & above1,400/- per month    4,200/-   quarterly


Grade (3 to 10)- 14,220/- (10 months)

Day care (P.F. to 2)- 19,200/- (10 months)

  1. The Banda School.

The Banda School is one of the top internationals schools in Kenya offering British education system. It has class levels for children between ages 2 to 13 years. The school is found in Nairobi along Magadi road.

See the fee structure;

Early years

Year group    Fee (5 full days)       Fee (3full days)

Nursery 1        217500                    149000

Nursery 2        240000                     172000

Reception        270000

Years 1-8

Year group      Term fees

Year 1               340000

Year 2               525000

Year 3-8            585000

  1. Kenton College Preparatory School.

Kenton college preparatory school offers international education. It is located in Kileleshwa estate in Nairobi along Gichuru Road. Parents pay school fees of about Kenya Shillings 575,000 per term. There are three terms in a year.