Most Marketable Degree courses in Kenya 2022


What are the most marketable degree courses in Kenya 2022? Well, the list does not change from 2021 list except the inclusion of courses that lean towards online jobs. If you are planning to pursue a degree course in Kenya in 2022, please avoid useless courses like fisheries, general science, tourism and sports science—they will not take you anywhere. You should go for marketable degree courses that will give you a job immediately you graduate or shortly after graduation.

While some degree courses will get you a job without professional programs, there are other courses which need professional course—we shall list them below.

Here is a list of most marketable degree courses in Kenya 2022:

  1. Bachelor of Architecture
  2. Bachelor of Quantity Surveying
  3. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Applied Statistics with IT
  5. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  6. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  7. BSc. Land Resource Planning and Management
  8. BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  9. BSc. Mechatronics Engineering
  10. Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language
  11. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security Management
  12. Bachelor of Arts in Film and Animation Studies
  13. Bachelor of Arts in Justice and Security Studies
  14. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication
  15. Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  16. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
  17. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance
  18. Bachelor of Arts in Film and Animation Studies
  19. Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  20. Bachelor of Business Management
  21. Bachelor of Commerce
  22. Bachelor of Counselling
  23. Bachelor of Economics
  24. Bachelor of Economics and Finance
  25. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  26. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies
  27. Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education (Primary Option)
  28. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  29. Bachelor of Education (Primary Education)
  30. Bachelor of Education (Primary Option)
  31. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  32. Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education (Secondary Option)
  33. Bachelor of Laws
  34. Bachelor of Management and Office Administration
  35. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
  36. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  37. Bachelor of Procurement
  38. Bachelor of Public Health
  39. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  40. Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Production
  41. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine
  42. Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology
  43. Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  44. Bachelor of Science in Energy and Environmental Technology
  45. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
  46. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
  47. Bachelor of Science in Finance and Statistics
  48. Bachelor of Science in Food Processing and Technology
  49. Bachelor of Science in Health Records and Information Technology
  50. Bachelor of Science in Health Systems management
  51. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
  52. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  53. Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Technology
  54. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  55. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Mental Health and Psychiatry)
  56. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Pediatrics
  57. Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
  58. Bachelor of Science in Oral Health
  59. Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  60. Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management
  61. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  62. Bachelor of Social Work and Administration
  63. Bachelor of Technology in Computer and Electronic Systems
  64. Bachelor of Commerce

If you are going to pursue Bachelor of Commerce, make sure you incorporate a professional course like CFA, ACCA or CPA for you to be more marketable.

Actuarial Science is highly marketable when you supplement with professional courses in Actuarial Science or CFA.Before graduating, make sure you do those professional courses.

Nursing, Pharmacy and Medicine are some of the courses which guarantee one a job immediately after graduation. The demand for these professionals is very high.

 For those pursuing statistics related courses, you should also do statistical software like R, SPSS, Stata and also GIS tools. Statisticians work in all sectors of the economy.

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