Bluehost Review 2022


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Bluehost web hosting has been in operation for more than 15 years. This has earned the company millions of clients, which has a positive impact on revenue generation. The Bluehost tool is widely used, making it popular across the globe. The tool ranks first in providing support and help to the clients. The SEO tool is widely used by local enterprises and new clients who seek to explore the market. Bluehost is categorized as affordable and easy to access by users. Bluehost is currently run by the Endurance International Group And has created a 30-day-money-back guarantee to the clients. The company offers e-commerce affiliate marketing websites and started a blog guideline. Bluehost provides development services and website design to attract customers and increase their revenue generation. The Bluehost company consists of knowledgeable and dedicated staff who ensure that users receive top-notch services. The staff operate on a 24/7 basis to enhance convenience and trust among clients. The Bluehost tool works at 688ms and exhibits a higher performance rate. Also, the tool supports PhpBB, Joomla, and WordPress applications. The Bluehost tool has a faster server speed than other SEO tools. Web hosting is essential for new enterprises seeking a competitive advantage. The review will cover Bluehost features, pros, cons, and a free trial that makes it outstanding globally.


Website Builder

Bluehost is a crucial figure in the development of websites. For instance, it consists of a drag and drop site builder that is up to date and enables skilled personnel to deliver efficient and quality services. The feature also assists small enterprises which lack HTML skills and enough CCS. The website builder feature also assists new users in operating and designing the Web to attract customers.

Digital marketing tool

Bluehost SEO tool is a digital marketing tool that assists users in reaching more customers. It consists of expertise in advertising and marketing services for companies. For example, users benefit from advertisement services by using content-creating applications, social media marketing, and SEO. Marketing experts also provide users with monthly consultation on strategies for reaching a broad market. In addition, the experts measure new business progress and advise on the necessary measure of increasing production. As a result, new clients and companies have realized a greater Return on Investment (ROI).


Bluehost handles the challenges of new business through cPanel. The feature is friendly and acts as a guide for small enterprises seeking to achieve a competitive advantage. The cPanel is simplified such that new beginners get to use it with a minimum tutorial. This saves time for users and ensures that they effectively manage their website. In addition, there are a few instructional buttons that new users are required to click to activate services.


There are a variety of storage plans presented by Bluehost for users. The least storage of the web hosting is 50GB, which holds large files in a secured manner. Large companies enjoy unlimited storage space at a lower cost, which is profitable in the global market. The 50GB storage space for WordPress blog users is enough since the documents are a small storage capacity.


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Subscription plan

Bluehost offers its three subscription packages to its customers. The packages include a shared hosting plan, online stores plan, and managed WordPress. The plans are dependent on customers’ needs and goals. Shared hosting plans are the most affordable plan in the market. The plan is the most popular and flexible among clients. The cost of a three-year subscription is slightly lower than a one-year subscription. This has seen clients opting for the three-year plan to increase flexibility. A one-year subscription plan for a shared hosting plan is $2.95 per month. Clients and companies using the plan benefit from 24/7 support, custom themes, free SSL certificate, and free CDN. Also, the package offers free office 365, unlimited SSD storage, and unlimited websites to companies.To sign up for the basic plan,follow this link

The second package is the Online Store plan. It offers less complicated access and operations, which has seen an increased number of companies subscriptions. Companies seeking to promote, build and store eCommerce should adopt the plan to enhance market participation. The monthly package is $12.95, which is affordable for new businesses. The online store plan consists of standard and premium pricing options. Both options offer CodeGuard Backup Basic, discount codes, payment processing, 24/7 customer support, WooCommerce installed, and unlimited products.

The third package is the Managed WordPress plan which displays flexibility and affordable cost. Clients and businesses that can use the plan seek to run programs with WordPress. The plan provides clients with 24/7 support, speed, security, and scalability. The three pricing options for Managed WordPress plan build, grow, and scale. The plan’s monthly subscription is $9.95. There are numerous features in the plan, and this includes a staging environment, built-in high availability, free SSL, 200+ global edge servers, and one WordPress website. The additional features of the plan are domain privacy and protection, malware detection and removal, and daily scheduled backups. The features assist in limiting cyber-attacks.

Free Trial

Bluehost, just like other web hosting companies, provides free subscription trials to clients and companies. Free trial services provide clients with a good value for their money. Bluehost contains a one-month free trial, making it the most affordable. The web hosting company offers the feature to attract new subscribers and generate more revenue. The clients and companies wishing to increase their subscription once the subscription ends are bound to appreciate Bluehost’s services. Also, a free trial enables new users to access Bluehost services in a stress-free environment. A money-back guarantee is provided for those who experience challenges and dissatisfaction using the tool. The free trial feature used by Bluehost enables building trust with clients. During this free trial program, you get to determine whether the tool is worth the price and understand the services it provides.

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1. Great Security

Bluehost boasts some of the most advanced security features available. All of the tool security measures are effective and save clients time for fine-tuning the Web. The extraordinary security also provides clients and companies tranquility, which is particularly important for new clients. The tool comes with a CodeGuard Backup basis and resource protection to discourage cyber-attacks. The protection measures undertake daily backup and check, for instance, of data threat. Even the most basic plan of Bluehost has a 1GB storage space. The storage feature is vital when monitoring and data backup. The more expensive the plan, the more secure data is held, and this has seen companies subscribing to the Managed WordPress plan. The plan consists of 24/7 networking monitoring activities, which are automated.

Bluehost consists of an SSL certificate that provides security to data. Security is a key figure when selecting a web hosting tool. The information shared on the Web should be safe from cyber-attack. Big companies go as far as purchasing premium SSL, which goes for $44.99 per year, and this is considered a worthy investment decision. E-commerce sites hold essential business information that requires enough security measures, and Bluehost is in the front in addressing the challenges. Also, Bluehost consists of anti-spam protection, which enables users to protect their directories and contacts. The anti-spam protection of Bluehost includes Apache spam, spam hammer, and spam experts.

Furthermore, there exists Cloudflare, which protects user operations from DDoS attacks. This improves users’ ranking and maintains safety for the customers. Two-factor authentication is also a vital feature that secures users’ information. Bluehost provides users with a two-step authentication option. This involves a user setting their own password using a phone to prevent access by unauthorized persons. In addition, Bluehost prevents users from accessing account information, cPanel, and sire information.

2. Fast and Extensive Customer Support

Bluehost has a large and responsive customer care team. Customer assistance is essential for every web hosting provider, and the tool offers prompt responses when handling tasks. Bluehost users acknowledge the customer-friendly services, and this has been vital whenever they require instant assistance. In addition, the tool offers a 5-minute wait before receiving aid for the clients who desire a live chat. This has seen the tool experiencing a high number of customers around the globe.

The customer support is 24/7, and this offers convenience to customers. There is also a variation in the customer support wait time on the email and smartphone platforms. Bluehost consists of services that clients can access while waiting to receive customer support, and they include in-depth articles, videos, and multiple FAQs. Bluehost has been operating in the market for a long time, and their knowledgeable staff have market experience. The customers understand customers’ desires and build a strong relationship with users.

3. Easy to operate

The Bluehost tool is simple to operate, making it exceptional for many users. This aspect is vital as it minimizes the client’s confusion and interruption. Also, the tool has an onboarding process that facilitates web operations. There is a form that a client and company should sign to ensure that the tool operations are made convenient. The Bluehost tool takes a few minutes to start operations since it handles simple tasks.

On the other hand, the tool provides clients with technical nitty-gritty and backend, which is challenging to operate. Instead, Bluehost ensures that customers only customize their Web to increase attractiveness. In addition, the company has technical element explanation services for their new users.

4. High-Performance Servers

Bluehost tool consists of high-performance servers for clients and companies. Users are only required to pay an extra amount to update their servers. For instance, Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers go for $14.95 per month. This assists the ecommerce web to operate effectively at a low cost. Moreover, Bluehost handles small Web, and the addition of servers enables it to undertake tasks without slowdown.

5. Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost provides clients with a 30-day money-back guarantee whenever they are unsatisfied with the company plans. The new clients and companies take advantage of the option to apply for the monthly subscription and cancel the deal a day before the deadline. The move discourages Bluehost company operations and, on the other hand, builds trust among users. The feature also makes Bluehost popular since the refund option increases the number of clients.

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1. Lack free site migration

Bluehost tool lacks free site migration services, which creates problems for clients who desire to switch from other SEO tools. Most SEO tools provide clients and companies with a free transfer, unlike Bluehost, which requires hefty pay. The price for shifting to the Bluehost services is $149.99, challenging new companies. Furthermore, the Bluehost tool does not provide domain registrations, BPS, and cover resellers for companies that pay the migration fee.

2. Renewal Price Increases

Bluehost uses a pricing strategy that tricks users towards their subscription program. As a result, there are increased client complaints on the charges, which accrue as time passes. Web hosting companies also use the trick to attain supernormal profits. For instance, at the start of a subscription, small companies pay low fees. As clients continue using the services of Bluehost, they get to pay more fees, which in turn discourage their subscription desires. This indicates that introductory rates are lower than the monthly rates that clients get to pay while using Bluehost tool services. Besides, the tool has a higher domain renewal price that discourages clients’ renewal efforts.

3. Lack Guaranteed Uptime

Bluehost, unlike other SEO tools, does not guarantee uptime for users. Instead, the tool offers expensive and detrimental downtime for clients and companies. SEO tools that use uptime benefit from efficiency in operating the Web. Uptime also prioritizes customers’ requirements and experience, enhancing market competition. The lack of guaranteed time by Bluehost creates operational challenges and reduces efficiency.

4. Costly upgrades

The subscription rate of Bluehost is low. The costs become pretty expensive with updates. The upgrades are majorly on security upgrades and server upgrades. This indicates why clients resolve for a yearly subscription to avoid the costly petter upgrades. The monthly upgrade clients get to pay huge upgrade amounts, with the majority opting for the Stock account options. The small enterprises suffer from the add-on features and upsells, which discourages web access and market participation.