How David Sankok Bought Land from a 7 year old Child and Buried Raila’s photos in a shallow grave


Controversial nominated MP David S1nkok’s son is dead. The outspoken MP lost his son today following a confrontation.Memusi was a student at Kericho High School.

Last year, Sankok dug a shallow grave near his home and buried photos of Raila Odinga and Junet Mohammed. The ceremony was conducted in front of camera and a crowd which was cheering him.Little did he know that he had bewitched himself.It was only a matter of time before death happened in his home.He has to cleanse himself because of what he did.

Last year he also appeared in court after buying land from a 7-year-old boy claiming that it’s the boy who sold the land to him.The boy’s parents had died and Sonkok took advantage of him.

Not forgetting again, Sankok was quoted in parliament saying that Raila sacrificed his son, Fidel Odinga,in order to become president.MPs were left speechless.

It’s the same nominated MP who said that those women who go to Saudi Arabia ni malaya.

Today the MP was seen weeping, rolling several times on the ground and polluting the air.If it were not for the mercy of his neighbours who rescued him,he could have shot himself