Why Ruto wants Raila to pick Kalonzo as his running mate


Kalonzo and Ruto are one. Ruto wants to pick Mudavadi as his running mate but only if Raila picks Kalonzo as his running mate

That is the reason you see Kalonzo pressuring Raila to be given running mate position. Kalonzo is aware that if Raila makes him his running mate, Raila will lose to Ruto, and that’s Ruto’s game plan

Ruto has promised Kalonzo a post in his government in case he wins

What does it mean when Raila picks Kalonzo and Ruto picks Mudavadi as their running mates?

It means Mount Kenya will not be in the equation. By that, Ruto will have a greater opportunity of convincing Mount Kenya votes into his basket against Raila’s. Ruto will also get an advantage in Mulembe nation since the Mulembe will want to support Mudavadi as number two and not like when he was not in the equation

What does it mean by Raila picking Martha Karua?

It means Ruto will be forced to pick from the same place (Mount Kenya) to create an image that he is not the only one leaving the mountain behind. By that, Mount Kenya votes will split into half, Eastern Will split into half and Western Kenya will vote for Raila making Raila win the coming elections

Remember Coast, Nairobi and North Eastern are already Azimio zones

This is what pains the tangatanga side. They don’t want Raila to pick Martha but want him to pick Kalonzo because they want to pick Mudavadi to win both Western and Central votes.