The entertaining Toulon Tournament


Watching the best football players in the world is always a delight. Right now, the website 1xBet is a popular betting site in Kenya which features countless football teams from many places around the world.

However, it is also equally exciting to watch younger players who are going to be the stars of the next generations. Many tournaments have been created for that purpose. One of them is the Toulon Tournament.

This competition is officially known as the Festival International “Espoirs” – Tournoi Maurice Revello. However, most of the time it is simply called the Toulon Tournament due to the city where it is played. The great 1xBet Kenya betting site is a popular platform in the country which also allows its members to wager in this tournament.

An unofficial Youth World Cup

The first edition of the Toulon Tournament was played in 1967. Its rules have always dictated that only U-23 players can participate. The website features lots of live wagering chances on teams that feature young and talented footballers.

FIFA celebrated the first edition of the U-17 and U-20 World Cups in 1977. This meant that for ten years, the Toulon Tournament was seen as a kind of unofficial Youth World Cup. This is because many squads participated in the championship featuring its players with the biggest potential.

It should be noted that for all intents and purposes, the Toulon Tournament is a friendly championship. This means that it has no effect in FIFA rankings, qualifiers, etc. Yet, it can still be highly exciting. The 1xBet website also features this competition whenever it is played.

Lots of champions

Many squads have been multi-champions of the Toulon Tournament. The can be visited at any moment for wagering on these squads. The teams that have won the most editions of this competition include:

  • France;
  • Brazil;
  • Portugal;
  • Colombia;
  • and England;

On many occasions, the tournament has been attended by both clubs and U-23 national teams. This gives fans the opportunity to witness contests between these two kinds of football teams that are not seen every day.

There have been many incredible players who showed themselves to the world during the Toulon Tournaments. Some names include Alan Shearer, Rui Costa, Jean-Pierre Papin and many others. For this reason, whenever the competition is played, don’t forget to wager on it at the fantastic 1xBet betting platform.


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