5 Conditions Kalonzo has set before joining Azimio


Raila has been squeezed into a tight corner by Kalonzo.The Wiper leader is now demanding for several things before joining Azimio.It’s highly likely that he won’t campaign for president but he will vigorously campaign for Raila if his conditions are met.

There are 5 key demands Kalonzo has made, they include:

  1. Written on Chief Minister Role and security of tenure
  2. 20% share of government
  3. New Chief Minster Residence and Security equal to DP
  4. Perks and retirement package to be approved by parliament within first 100 days
  5. Official office next to Harambee House

Already, Azimio has reserved for him the Prime minster position, one of the most powerful seats in government. But Kalonzo claims that the position is not enshrined in the constitution. However, the president has the authority of creating the position, which already has been included in the agreement between Azimio and OKA.

Kalonzo Musyoka has less than 2 weeks to join Azimio.There is no space for him in Kenya Kwanza because the Prime Minister position is filled up by Musalia Mudavadi.