Photos of crowd during Martha Karua’s tour to Meru that Shocked Kenya Kwanza


Azimio running mate Martha Karua was in Meru yesterday.Karua was to end her tour at 6 pm but residents demanded that she address them no matter the time. She addressed mammoth crowds which were in every center until 9pm.

The photo from the ground shocked Kenya Kwanza until everyone in Kenya Kwanza was shocked. Martha Karua looked excited and full of energy, together with Peter Munya.

Based on the response Karua received in Meru and entire Mount Kenya,it means Kenya Kwanza have to go back to the drawing board.The Meru people are bitter that Kithure Kindiki was not given the running mate post in Kenya Kwanza,their votes might go to Azimio.

Projections indicate that more than 40% of Mount Kenya voters might go to Azimio.The percentage might even go higher than 50% if the momentum ismaintained.

Here are the photos from the rally: