31 booming businesses in Kenya 2022


There are 31 booming businesses you should start in Kenya in 2022.If you are a business person, it’s good to do thorough research and determine which business is doing well in your area, don’t just start a business because others are doing the same.

Never be in a hurry to start a business which you don’t know how to operate. You should also not resign from your job to start a business if you haven’t operated the same before.

Some of the businesses listed below can generate more than Ksh 1 million per month.

One of the businesses I would encourage you to start especially in Nakuru, Kisumu or Mombasa is to sell clean bottled water. The other day I was in Nakuru and saw with my own eyes how my friend made Ksh 5,000 every day from selling bottled water.

Meanwhile, here are 31 booming businesses in Kenya 2022

  1. Car wash business
  2. PlayStation business
  3. Owning a chemist
  4. Hardware business
  5. Online taxi business like Uber
  6. Selling construction material
  7. Recruitment agency
  8. Wines and spirits business
  9. Selling clean bottled water
  10. Grocery shop
  11. Shylock business
  12. Butchery business
  13. Garbage collection business
  14. Mobile money loan apps
  15. Selling bodaboda on loan
  16. Boadboda spare part business
  17. Mobile phone repair business
  18. Business of printing campaign posters and t-shirts
  19. Car hire business
  20. Running a YouTube channel
  21. Restaurant business
  22. Petrol station business
  23. Dairy farming
  24. Blogging
  25. Long distance transport business
  26. Electronic shop business
  27. Catering business
  28. Owning guest houses
  29. Rental apartment business
  30. Selling hey
  31. Borehole drilling business
  32. Motor vehicle spare part business