Francis Atwoli salary per month


Francis Atwoli earns a salary of Ksh10 million per month, more than the money Kenyan president earns.He is a member of ILO and also the head of Central Organisation for Trade Unions (COTU) Kenya.His salary matches the money Safaricom CEO earns per month.

Due to his high paying jobs,Atwoli has built a home in Kilifi,Kajiado,Nairobi ,Nakuru and Western Kenya.His total assets amount to more than Ksh10 billion.He is ranked among top 10 richest Luhyas.

Francis Atwoli joined Cotu in August 2001.He has served the organization since then.But his usefulness is fading so fast after openly showed his support for Raila Odinga.

It’s during his time as the COTU secretary General that he created all the wealth he possesses.Atwoli has three wives, the third one being Kilobi who he married when he was already old.