2000 Mathira Women Accuse Gachagua of not paying them after they attended a Rally in Nyeri


If you’re keen I hope you have seen how all Gachagua and Ruto rallies in Nyeri and Mathira are composed of uniformed women , you might confuse us with Choir members .

This is how it has been .

Rigathi Gachagua has recruited over 2,000 women from all over Mathira and Tetu constituency .

The main task is to heckle and shout UDA lyrics anytime there is a campaign. So that he can be seen as a vibrant mobilizer.

He has created over 20 WhatsApp group which he is the admin and always disseminate any information there.

His wife Pastor Dorcas procured for us yellow uniforms that we must wear anytime he has an event .

He always tutors us the main songs to sing during the rallies.

 He has been paying us Ksh. 2,000 each in any event , only during Mwai Kibaki burial that he paid us more Ksh. 3,500 each( we were over 1,500  women and our task was to cheer  Ruto).

So this is the issue  :  Yesterday he communicated that we should don our uniforms and assemble in Karatina . If you checked well we occupied the front during the rally . Will share pics.

Our main task was to shout UDA and sing MAUMAU liberation songs . We are well trained to do that . 

Now , we completed the task and Gachagua hasnt sent our wages. He isn’t picking out calls . We are tired of being used , we think it’s time we open to each other .

 Gachagua promised to buy us sewing machines and tanks but upto date we have received none. No empowerment only handouts after doing dirty works. He always wants to use us to showcase how  they have crowds.

 By the way most of us are Team Azimio we only do this for the handouts . Now we are wise we won’t be used again

Kindly relay this message to Gachagua , that he should send our money by midnight or we will spill the beans tommorow by demonstrating .

 Kenyans must know the truth . Most of us are mother’s , you can’t use us the whole day then decline to pay us. We are tired , it’s time we support our own Martha Karua. Tûtîkwéndà ngômà! !

Lydiah Njeri Kinuthia.