How KEN WAKURAYA impregnated and dumped his househelp – He removed her panty, raised her legs and did this in broad daylight


Inooro TV News Anchor Ken Wakuraya is in hot soup after he impregnated his househelp and dumped her.Ken,who is fond of sleeping with anything in skirt didn’t know the househelp was fertile that day. He tiptoed to her bedroom, wrestled her and removed the panty, then unzipped his trouser and inserted his full mzigidi into her—she screamed loud as Ken closed her mouth and put Ksh100 in her hand not to say anything. Ken felt sweetness, temporary wrinkles appeared on his face as he pumped while saying,”shiet,shiet shiet”..but the action was shortlived.only one shot.

After one month, the househelp felt something rotating in her stomach. She rushed to the nearby chemist to check what is it only to be told that it was pregnancy.

On hearing the news, Ken’s well fed body caved in, he got angry as he asked, “why didn’t you take P2?”.He later chased her away for demanding upkeep.

Below is the story which was shared online: