Cost of building a septic tank in Kenya


Septic tank is important especially when your house has toilets. The cost of building a septic tank in Kenya depends on the size and number of toilets it will serve.It also depends on the type of soil in that location.Generally,it costs Ksh 150,000 to Ksh 300,000 to build a standard septic tank in Kenya.

I constructed mine in Nakuru and the cost was Ksh 150,000.I paid the fundi Ksh45,000,I spent Ksh 70,000 on materials and water.

This cost is not inclusive of the pipes which will be connected to the toilets in the house. But they aren’t expensive.

In case you want to construct a septic tank, ensure you have at least Ksh 120,000 to spend.The cost will not come down anytime soon because materials will be more expensive in future.

The duration of building a septic tank is one to 2 weeks.A fundi should not do the work for more than 2 weeks.