Maximum amount of money to withdraw from NCBA Bank Kenya ATM


If you want to withdraw money from NCBA bank Kenya,the maximum amount you can withdraw per day is Ksh 40,000.You are only allowed to withdraw Ksh40,000 once a day or do several withdrawals of less than Ksh40,000 as long as the total amount does not exceed Ksh40,000.In case you want to withdraw more than Ksh40,000,you can go over the count and make the transaction.

The maximum amount you can withdraw online is Ksh110,000 per day.

For those with debit cards,these are the maximum amounts you can withdraw:

Classic and Gold—Ksh 40,000

Platinum—Ksh 80,000

Infinite,Signature—Ksh 100,000

NCBA is one of the best banks in Kenya.