List of estates in Kisii Town and characters women in those estates


Kisii town has grown to be one of the most growing towns in the western part of the country.  Currently the banana town controls half of Western Kenya economy. We hereby sample estates within the town and its ladies.

1. Mwembe estate

Common for students. Any lady who lives here must be a student or those low budget girls. Their favorite drink is guarana. Not expensive but very nagging with calls. They want nothing from you….taking them to 7Cs is enough to get laid.

2. Jogoo estate ~Has a fairly fine taste of girls in town.  Most accomodative ladies live that estate. They can house you as long as you buy supper and some two three bills. Ladies here take KC but they are okay.

3. Nyamataro.  Most ladies here live in houses owned by their parents or those owned by their relatives.  Fairly maringo and like dunda saana. They take gin. They’ll ask you to take them to La Vella

4. Nyankongo / Egesa~ habitat for Kmtc students. They live in groups of two or three. Not a suitable place for sleepovers because it’s not good to displace her roommate.  They take Tusker cider

5. Nyanchwa (Roysambu)~ Habitat for Kisii gaidis. Most houses there are financed by sponyos and some guys from Yueseh.  Mikora hatari sana. She dates four guys and both pay bills thinking they are the only ones. Here, girls take whiskey, vodka and Heineken(to look classy). To them, they are the best in town. Everyone here uses the name Actress on Facebook!

6. Botori ~ Habitat for career nurses who have been married before and separated. They only need company and someone to drink with. Polite and helpful ladies live here. They take anything alcoholic.

7. Gesonso~ where all those girls who line up along corridors live. As a man don’t ever go there. A hideout for basmati babes!

8. Nyankongo~ Busaa girls. You can’t ask them out before you take them to kwa Onyiego for a Pint of Busaa. Very accomodative. Very Low budget.